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Book Blurbs: The Woman in Cabin 10

Book Blurbs is a monthly peek into our book club meetings, where we share our random thoughts or opinions on the book we selected for the month. Some months most of us have read the book, others no one made it all the way through. But either way, we’ll give you a quick review, some first impressions, a reason we couldn’t finish, or any general bookish thoughts about our current read.


Book Club Sunday recently read The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. In fact, it accompanied many of us on our recent “Readaway” to Park Winters, which provided the perfect locale for diving into this thriller at sea. In the book, journalist Lo Blacklock takes an assignment that sends her aboard a luxury cruiseliner for a week. One night, Lo witnesses a horrifying sight – a woman being thrown overboard. As she frantically tries to uncover the truth about what happened aboard a ship full of crew and passengers who refuse to believe her, Lo’s purportedly idyllic assignment turns into a nightmare on the high seas.

Read on to see what Book Clubbers thought of The Woman in Cabin 10!

I liked the premise of this book – it has a unique setting and an intriguing plot, but I’m finding myself a bit worn down on the thrillers where the main character has a drinking problem. It feels like that method of making the narrator unreliable has been done before and I’m ready for something different. I also had the worst time picturing the boat they were on. Perhaps because I don’t frequently find myself on yachts, but in my mind it was an enormous cruise ship until the book said something about it being small and then all of a sudden it was a speedboat. I did like the way the story wrapped up and didn’t guess the ending, though.

~Sarah, read the whole book


I listened to this one on audio and it was what I consider a perfect book to listen to. It was entertaining with an interesting setting, but it wasn’t so dense or complicated that you couldn’t remember what was happening between drives to and from work. I also liked In a Dark, Dark Wood and I will probably read/listen to Ruth Ware’s next book.

~Andrea, listened to the whole book and also imagined a cruise ship/speedboat


I read the first chapter of this book and thought it was pretty scary. But then I got distracted by the beauty of our meeting location and stopped reading it entirely.

~Molly, read the first chapter and chilled in the pool at Park Winters


This was a fun read, and an ideal choice for poolside reading. It’s just the right amount of engaging and page-turning, but not so much that you can’t put it down every now and then to wade into the pool or eat a bunch of snacks or stage bookstagram photos. I remember that I felt compelled to keep reading, and I didn’t see the ending coming, but it was relatively forgettable after that.

~Emily, read the whole book


I really enjoyed this one! To be fair I read this book a year before the rest of book club and so my ‘read list’ wasn’t as saturated with all the “must read” thrillers out there… but it still stands out as one of the few I especially liked! I thought it was clever and the unique setting made it that much more interesting. It’s a perfect weekend read. And I agree with Andrea – Ruth Ware’s In a Dark, Dark Wood was also a standout in this genre and I look forward to her new release.

~Danielle, read the whole book


Wishing every day were Book Club Sunday!


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