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Reading {Un} Seasonally: The Lost Book of the Grail


Like many of my fellow Book Club Sunday members, I organize my TBR list seasonally. There are certain books that are just so much better when read on a stormy winter night, cozied up under a blanket or that demand to be read while enjoying a sunny pool day getaway with your girlfriends (shoutout to Book Club Sunday’s Summer 2017 Readaway – it was fab!). I’m normally kind of a stickler for reading books that are appropriate for the season, but every now and then an off-season book sneaks in. The Lost Book of the Grail by Charlie Lovett was one of those books, but I was so excited to read it, I wasn’t going to let it slip by.

So there I was, sitting by the pool under an umbrella in my bikini and sunhat, sipping lemonade that was regularly refreshed by the lovely and attentive hotel pool staff, watching some of my gal pals float around on pool noodles while others lounged nearby, chatting about books (did I mention this day was a DELIGHT?!), when I decided to pull out my book. Ok, my STACK of books, because who brings just one book to a pool day? Anyway, I had already started The Lost Book of the Grail, so I thought I’d continue with that one.

This book is NOT a “beach read.” Don’t get me wrong, I really loved this book. But it would have been so much better had I been reading it curled up in a comfy chair, preferably one that was in a cozy, old-fashioned library, and drinking a large cup of tea. As I was reading, I kept wishing that’s what I was doing because every page drips with book love and literary adventure. Arthur, an English professor, and Bethany, a specialist in digitizing manuscripts, spend the majority of the book digging through archives and old manuscripts in the university and Cathedral libraries, trying to uncover secrets of the Holy Grail. Arthur and Bethany both love books (and maybe each other) and you can practically smell the coffee and old-book smell as you read. See what I mean? You have to read this book in the fall. While wearing a sweater.

But as I said, I read this book on a sweltering hot day, in between dips in the pool, and not only did I survive the off-season reading experience, I also thoroughly enjoyed the book. (I majorly failed at getting a picture of it at said pool day, though.) But if you’re going to read it, which you should, please, please read it in the fall!

Wishing every day were Book Club Sunday,



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