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Book Blurbs: And the Mountains Echoed

Book Blurbs is a monthly peek into our book club meetings, where we share our random thoughts or opinions on the book we selected for the month. Some months most of us have read the book, others no one made it all the way through. But either way, we’ll give you a quick review, some first impressions, a reason we couldn’t finish, or any general bookish thoughts about our current read.


For our March read, Book Club Sunday read And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. This sweeping, multi-generational novel spans time and the globe to tell a variety of interconnected stories, beginning in the 1940s in a small village in Afghanistan. Throughout the novel, the reader visits Paris, San Francisco, an island in Greece, among others, and though each story could stand on its own, the reader finds the tales all weave together and connect through an elaborate family tree full of secrets and sacrifices.

Read on to see what Book Club Sunday thought of And the Mountains Echoed:

I abandoned this book about halfway through. It was one of those times that I just had to close the book and put it away because it was not the right book for me at the time. Every chapter left me feeling disappointed in humanity and I was not in a state of mind where I needed to be feeling that from my reading material. Some members of book club enjoyed it though, so maybe I will try again someday.

~Sarah, abandoned the book and would also like to mention that she and fellow book clubber, Hannah, discussed this at length and both have similar feelings


(potential spoilers)

And the Mountains Echoed was another beautifully written book by Hosseini – and not nearly as tragic as his others!

I loved the way everyone’s lives were intertwined, either in major or subtle ways… but always meaningful. I felt connections with several characters and was rooting for them all. And the ending… the ending was simply beautiful.

“I don’t know what this feather means, the story of it, but I know it means he was thinking of me. For all these years. He remembered me.”

~Danielle, read the whole book


While this book seemed epic and inspiring, it also seemed heavy and I could not make that sort of commitment to a book this past month, so I didn’t read it. Maybe in the future.

~Andrea, didn’t read the book


I had no intentions of reading this book until I heard from a fellow book clubber how much she was enjoying it. So I got it, and it has been collecting dust on my nightstand ever since.

~Molly, has book on her nightstand


The following is a sweeping generalization that I realize makes me sounds like a not very open-minded reader, but I’m making it anyway: I don’t really like short stories or books that call themselves novels but are really just a bunch of short stories that maybe have a common thread or characters that subtly weave them together. I like getting attached to characters. I like caring about what’s going to happen in the story to which I’ve decided to devote my time. If the story ends at the end of the chapter, I’m just not ready for it. I would prefer for each story to be its own separate book. All this to say, I would have liked this book better if it wasn’t a bunch of loosely connected stories that could have all stood on their own. I didn’t hate it. I kept finding myself at the end of each chapter feeling that it would be fine if I put this book down and didn’t pick it up again, like I had reached the end. Eventually I just left it on my nightstand. But if you’re the kind of reader who likes that short-stories-within-a-novel format, then this book is worth a read.
~Emily, read ¾ of the book


Wishing every day were Book Club Sunday!


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