On Our Nightstands

On Our Nightstands #14

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With some gloomy, rainy weather and an impending Book Club Sunday meeting, we’ve all been diving into books this week. Read on to see what we’ve been reading this week!


The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams expired on audio book, another reason I prefer real books. They don’t expire. So I picked up my printed copy and am really not super into it. But I feel obligated to finish it.

I started listening to Right Ho, Jeeves by PG Wodehouse. I love the Jeeves books and listening to this one is a delight. It feels like I’m listening to an old timey radio show. The descriptions he uses are so funny. For example, he describes an aunt by saying “She fitted into my biggest arm-chair as if it had been built round her by someone who knew they were wearing arm-chairs tight about the hips that season” and someone else as having a chin that gave up halfway through. I keep thinking it must get old to have the same story, where Bertie gets in trouble and Jeeves bails him out, time and time again, but it definitely doesn’t get old. I could read/listen to these stories forever.



This week I started our current book club selection, The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles by Katherine Pancol. Even though I’m not loving it yet, I’m determined to finish it in time for our meeting this weekend! I’m having a hard time keeping all of the characters straight, but hopefully it will get easier as I read more.

I’m still plugging along with Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow, though I’m afraid I’m not going to make much progress on it this round! And I’m almost done listening to Julia Child’s memoir, My Life in France.



I’m spending this week reading our book club selection, The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles. So far, it’s a fun and enjoyable read, with a premise that’s perfect for springtime. It’s all about fresh starts and characters reinventing themselves. I’ll be speed-reading to finish by Saturday!



I’ve read only the first couple of chapters of Summer Skin. It seems fun and light, which is a nice contrast to the recent stormy gray weather we’ve been having.
Not a book I’m reading, but thought I would add that I started listening to the Baby Sitters Club Club podcast (as recommended by Emily) and could not stop laughing while I was driving to work.



Really enjoying The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, our book club pick this month. It’s entertaining and light and who doesn’t love escaping to Paris for a bit? The only thing that would make this book better is if it would stop raining so I could enjoy this gem on the patio!

Also doing some not-quite-so-light reading with Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. Not a typical read, but for any moms-to-be, I highly recommend it (so far) – it is so reassuring, comforting, and empowering. I won’t get into the details, ha! 🙂



Wishing every day were Book Club Sunday!




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