Bookish Podcasts Part 2

We’re back with more bookish podcast recommendations! Check out Part 1 of this two-part series and let us know if you’ve been listening!

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  1. Get Booked

Get Booked is another book recommendation podcast, and it is brought to us by the well-read people at BookRiot. In this podcast, host Amanda Nelson answers listeners pleas for great books to add to their TBRs. She is joined in every episode by a guest host (though the later episodes are often the same guest host, Jenn) who also comes armed with recommendations, and each episode focuses on a specific theme, like haunting books to read during Halloween time (Book Club Sunday loves a good scary book in October!), books to fill the void after you’ve read The Night Circus, the best literary mysteries, or books for fans of Downton Abbey. Whatever type of book you’re looking to add to your own TBR, Amanda and Jenn have probably already recommended exactly what you need.

  1. The Baby-Sitters Club Club

Remember when it seemed your entire life revolved around The Baby-Sitters Club? With well over 200 titles in the series, dozens of special editions, spin-offs, and diaries, there was a never-ending supply of BSC reading material available at every mid-1990s library and bookstore and in every edition of the Scholastic Book Order that appeared on your elementary school desk once a month. Perhaps your love for the Baby-Sitters Club meant you thoroughly enjoyed reading the books and that was enough for you. That’s cute. If you stopped at the books, you missed a whole world of Baby-Sitters Club junk! My sisters and I dutifully memorized the entire map of Stoneybrook, Connecticut, which was drawn in great detail as the board on which you played the Baby-Sitters Club board game. A game you expertly played while working on elaborately choreographed and poorly lip-synched routines to every song on the Baby-Sitters Club: Songs for My Best Friends cassette tape. After that exhausting afternoon, you’d take a break to watch The Baby-Sitters Club TV show on the Disney Channel, and write a few letters on specialized stationary you could make with your Baby-Sitters Club Friendship Kit CD-ROM (you could choose which babysitter’s handwriting you’d like your letters written in. Stacey, obviously.) Then you’d curl up in your bed with your Baby-Sitter’s Club book light (it clipped to your book and was as inconvenient and cumbersome as it sounds, but you used it anyway), take one last look at the enormous Baby-Sitter’s Club poster on the wall over your bed, and fall asleep dreaming about the day you too could be a 13-year old babysitter.

So, good news, inner 13-year old of former 90s kids! The Baby-Sitters Club Club is a podcast that takes a deep dive into every book in the Baby-Sitters Club series, in chronological order, from the perspective of two men who are decidedly not the target audience for these books. Don’t worry, though – hosts Jack and Tanner take this podcast very seriously. They are not making fun of the books, or the girls who read them. The Baby-Sitters Club Club analyzes and discusses each book as though it were a Jane Austen classic, or a high-brow work of literature. Each episode is a fun, nostalgic look back through your childhood with a fresh perspective, brand-new insights, and a lot of humor and fun.


  1. Overdue

The Overdue podcast is dedicated to all those books you should have read, but never did. (Interesting side note: this was the same premise that led to the birth of Book Club Sunday!) The hosts, Andrew and Craig, take turns selecting and reading a book they’ve been meaning to read. Sometimes the other host has read the book, and sometimes he hasn’t. While that may sound like it leads to a lot of one-sided discussions and general confusion, it actually makes each episode approachable to a person who hasn’t read that particular book, either. Their conversations might inspire you to finally pick up Infinite Jest, or throw your unread copy of 50 Shades of Grey directly into the garbage can (where it probably belongs, anyway, but I digress). Or, if you have read the book, it will remind you of all the things you wish you could have talked to someone about while you read it. For example, you may be overcome with rage whilst listening to an episode about All Quiet on the Western Front as you remember the numerous occasions you’ve been forced to read this book throughout your academic pursuits, despite not enjoying a single page of it.


Let us know what other bookish podcasts we should check out in the comments below! 

Wishing every day were Book Club Sunday,



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