Bookish Podcasts Part 1


Over the past couple of years, I jumped on the podcast bandwagon with both feet. I was hesitant to listen to podcasts at first because of my general aversion to audiobooks, which is a post topic for another day, but stems from a preference to read myself rather than having someone read to me. But like any good bandwagon-jumper, I started with Serial, then Gilmore Guys, and then suddenly I couldn’t stop adding additional podcasts to my Stitcher account’s Listen Later playlist. Throughout my podcast listening, I’ve discovered some fun literary-themed podcasts I think you’ll love, too. And if you haven’t jumped already, join me on the bandwagon!


*You’ll notice that there is no portion of this list that makes suggestions about which episode of each of these podcasts you should listen to first. That is because I am a firm believer in starting with the first one and listening to all of them in order, whether they’re technically connected or not.


  1. Literary Disco

Attention Millennial Book Lovers: start listening to this podcast right now. The hosts of this podcast are three literary lovers and good friends who love talking books together – Julia Pistell, a writer, public relations expert, actor, and blogger; Tod Goldberg, author of over a dozen books; and Rider Strong, writer, director, and TELEVISION’S SHAWN HUNTER. That’s right, kids. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what one member of the cast of Boy Meets World thinks about stream of conscience writing styles, epistolary novels, the Harry Potter series, or the Sweet Valley Twins books, boy are you in luck. You know how near the end of Boy Meets World, Shawn Hunter went from being the resident heartthrob from the trailer park who didn’t care much about school to being really into poetry and philosophy? Rider Strong is really into poetry and philosophy. But even in the early years, books always played an important role on Boy Meets World – Cory taught his classmates about anti-Semitism after reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Cory and Shawn led their classmates on strike after reading about migrant farm workers in The Grapes of Wrath (which Cory read backward, so everything in the beginning would make sense), and Black Like Me inspired Shawn to write Chick Like Me and see the world from someone else’s perspective. Rider doesn’t talk much about BMW on the podcast, but it’s absolutely worth a listen – the hosts are fun and their love for books and reading is evident in every episode. So get out your old Veronica Wasboyski outfit and tune in to hear one of your favorite stars of the 90s chat about books.

  1. MuggleCast

Are you a Harry Potter fan? So are the hosts of MuggleCast, easily the most comprehensive and detail oriented Harry Potter podcast to ever exist. The Harry Potter super fans who host this podcast take deep dives into the books, movies, theme parks, side projects, authors, creators, actors and everything else you could ever imagine about the magical world JK Rowling created. And with over 300 episodes (and counting!) you’ll never run out of listening material. Recent episodes have discussed The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but you can likely find anything your little Harry Potter loving heart desires in the MuggleCast archives.


  1. What Should I Read Next

I wasn’t planning to play favorites in this post, but I’ve just decided to start playing. And here’s the winner! I love this podcast! Host and book lover Anne Bogel calls herself a Literary Matchmaker, and in every episode, she matches a fellow book lover with his or her next favorite books. Anne asks her guests to tell her their three favorite books, one book they hate, and what they’re currently reading, and she uses that information to come up with three personalized book recommendations. Anne is so friendly and personable and her recommendations are thoughtful and perfectly tailored to each guest. I always find myself scrambling to write down the titles she recommends and my TBR list grows every time I tune in. This is a must-listen for book lovers, and with every episode, you’ll find yourself wishing you and Anne were best friends and that she was a member of your book club.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post, with even more bookish podcast recommendations!

Do you have any favorite bookish (or otherwise!) podcasts? Let us know in the comments!

Wishing every day were Book Club Sunday,



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