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Lost in the Light: A Guide to A Dark and Stormy Reading Night


It was a dark and stormy night…for at least one of the nights I was reading Lost in the Light by Mary Castillo. [Note: Book Club Sunday were thrilled when Mary asked us to read her book!] Dark and stormy is the perfect atmosphere to begin Lost in the Light as readers are introduced to Detective Dori Orihuela and her crumbling, foreboding 120 year old mansion. Dori soon discovers that her house is haunted by the ghost of a Prohibition era rumrunner, Vicente, who desperately wants Dori to find a woman named Anna. The book switches back and forth between Dori’s quest to help Vicente in the present day and the events leading up to Vicente’s death in 1932.

Since there’s almost nothing better than spending a dark and stormy night curled up with a spooky book, here is everything you need to create the perfect Dark and Stormy Reading Night.

  1. A dark and stormy night.
  2. A spooky book, but not too spooky. This is imperative. You don’t want to scare yourself too much when there is a possibility of the power going out. A Dark and Stormy Reading Night calls for a book that is compelling, with just the right amount of eeriness and suspense. Dilapidated old houses, long-buried secrets, and shadowy figures in the dark are the perfect recipe for a Dark and Stormy Reading Night. Lost in the Light is an excellent choice, as it is both a ghost story and a time-hopping mystery with elements of historical fiction, suspense, and romance.
  3. A comfy reading spot, with lots of cozy blankets.
  4. Something warm to drink. We’re partial to tea, but coffee or hot chocolate or hot cider are all acceptable beverage choices, as long as it is in a cute mug.
  5. Candle light to really set the mood. Though you’ll probably also need some real light to read by. No need to strain your eyes like a pioneer. The candles are for atmosphere, not providing reading light.
  6. Someone to periodically sneak up behind you and scare you à la I Love Lucy, when Lucy is so engrossed in her murder mystery that when Ricky comes into the room, she’s so startled that she throws it out the window.


Happy Reading!

Wishing every day were Book Club Sunday,


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