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Book Blurbs: The Fever

Book Blurbs is a monthly peek into our book club meetings, where we share our random thoughts or opinions on the book we selected for the month. Some months most of us have read the book, others no one made it all the way through. But either way, we’ll give you a quick review, some first impressions, a reason we couldn’t finish, or any general bookish thoughts about our current read.


For October, we read The Fever by Megan Abbott. Around this time of year, our book club selections tend toward the haunted, or spooky, or just generally darker in theme than our summer selections. We are all about matching our reading material to the season here at Book Club Sunday. We recently discussed how we prefer to reread Harry Potter in the fall, how it’s hard to read a spine-tingling mystery on a beach, and how we’d rather lounge by the pool with something light and breezy (bonus points for a cute cover) than with Anna Karenina. Matching your entertainment to the time of year is also why several members of Book Club Sunday have yet to jump on the Stranger Things bandwagon.

The Fever tells the story of a small town that is thrown into panic when a group of teenage girls at the local high school start suffering from violent, unexplained seizures one at a time. As the girls, their families, and the whole town try to understand what’s happening, secrets are revealed, friendships begin to unravel, and no one knows how to stay safe amidst the confusion and mass hysteria.

Read on to see what Book Club Sunday thought of The Fever:

The Fever was creepy and atmospheric – and had all the elements of a perfectly eerie mystery. I felt like I was one of the teenage girls in the misty, gray town… running from the inevitable “fever”. Megan Abbott does an excellent job writing a twisted story – and even better mean girls.

~Danielle, read the whole book

Recommended reading for days you want to convince yourself you have the plague and/or are possessed by a demon.

~Emily, read the whole book

I didn’t read it because I was afraid it was going to make me think I had some terrible disease. From what I gathered at the book club meeting, the fever in question was of a different sort and it probably would have been safe for me to read.

~Sarah, didn’t read the book

I read The Fever over a break from law school when I wanted to enjoy a relatively short read about a mysterious outbreak that would be as far from law school texts as possible. It delivered. Megan Abbott’s writing is both sharp and a bit dark, just how I like it.

~Andrea, read the whole book

I didn’t read this book for fear of catching a fever.

~Molly, didn’t read the book

I haven’t finished it yet because I can’t stop watching Netflix lol. But I love it so far! It’s super eerie and has a totally unique story line. Can’t wait to find out what is causing this bizarre illness that is attacking the teen girls of Dryden.

~Jill, hasn’t finished reading yet, but highly recommends Stranger Things on Netflix


Wishing every day were Book Club Sunday!


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